We were front and center at Yo La Tengo's Portland show at the Wonder Ballroom show!

Yo La Tengo at the Wonder Ballroom

Last Thursday we saw Yo La Tengo at the Wonder Ballroom and it was an absolutely fantastic show! Ever since the boyfriend put a YLT track on a mix CD he gave me way back when we first started dating, they’ve been one of my favorite bands ♥

We saw them a few years ago when they came through Portland but it was a very different kind of show. (The photos are from that show, but could just as easily have been from this one – same venue and Ira was even wearing an almost identical striped t-shirt!)yo la tengo

On that tour, they had a big spinning wheel, and chose what they’d play based on where the wheel landed. They ended up playing an instrumental film soundtrack they’d done, followed by another set of tracks from various albums. This time around I was excited to see a more traditional show and hear some of my favorite tracks they didn’t play two years ago.

They did not disappoint! They played two sets, first a quiet acoustic set, then plugged in for a set of electric songs, with lots of their trademark reverb, feedback, and long wailing guitar solos.

The set list included a number of tracks from their latest album, Fade*, including two different versions of my personal favorite track from the new album, “Ohm.”

They filled out the rest of the setlist with an assortment of tunes from their expansive catalog. I was thrilled to hear “Tom Courtenay” and “Our Way to Fall” along with a few other favorite jams from albums like And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out and Electr-O-Pura.

Unlike many of my favorite bands who have churned out some recent albums that left me a bit disappointed, YLT has been consistently great for years, and they sound just as good as ever. It’s hard to believe the  band’s been around since 1984 – before I was born! I love that they’re still going strong after so many years.

Check out the video for “Ohm”, below. Bonus: it was shot in Portland!

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