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I’m so excited that it’s finally Friday! We’ve had the most gorgeous weather these last few days, and it looks like it’ll be sticking around at least through the weekend. These crisp sunny days when the leaves are changing and the air smells fresh – they’re the kinds of days that make fall my favorite.

Here are some fun things that caught my eye this week…

Have you seen the first trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel? This one doesn’t quite grab me the way his previous films have, but it is just a trailer – and just the first one at that. Definitely still looking forward to the movie!

The Ikea or Death Metal quiz made me laugh. I scored 14 out of 20. Not bad!

I’m itching to make myself one of these cute envelope clutches. I’ve even already printed the pattern. Now I just need some suede!

I’m already planning my trip home for Christmas, and thinking I may need to try one (or more) of these

Did you read the Mashable story about booking round-the-world travel with miles? It inspired me to start reading the blog that taught her how to do it! Sign me up for amazingly cheap flights!

As I mentioned before, I’ve sworn off sweeteners this month, including stevia. But I might just have to make an exception for this paleo pumpkin pie

These brilliant historical one-liners are better than any quip Hollywood ever came up with.

This map of the most popular names for girls, broken down over the last 60 years is fascinating. Interesting to see how Ashley crept in to popularity beginning in a few southern states, later split the country almost perfectly in two – Jessicas on the west coast, Ashleys on the east – before taking over the top spot for two years in 1991 and 1992.

We have friends in from out of town this weekend. The one Portland activity they’ve requested so far? Food carts!

Halloween being mid-week and no parties on the horizon, I doubt that we’ll be dressing up. But if we were, some of these couple costumes are great! Of course, we still haven’t done our idea from last year – Daria and Trent! 


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