Currently: October edition. Reading, watching, planning, working. Here's what this month has been looking like around here.

Currently: October

Loving // Portland in the fall.

Reading // Lean In and The Portable Dorothy Parker. I didn’t think I would, but I am so enjoying Lean In. Highly recommend it for women and men alike.

Watching // Walking Dead Season 3. It finally came to Netflix. So now most weeknights you’ll find me on the couch alternately jumping out of my skin and yelling “STOP NO DON’T DO THAT WHY DOES NO ONE ON THIS SHOW MAKE GOOD DECISIONS??” at the TV.

Eating // clean. Summer left me feeling fat and lazy, so we’re on a 30-day clean eating kick. No processed/fried/carbs/sugar/cheese/alcohol/anything delicious. Or as I like to call it, Octsober. So far I feel amazing, and only sometimes feel like I’d kill for pizza and a beer.

Making // bench cushions for the built-in kitchen nook. Photos to come!

Drinking // water, water, and more water. Did I mention the no alcohol, no sugar thing? Yeah.

Wearing // jeans, boots, sweater, repeat.

Editing // photos from our Oregon Coast camping trip, finally.

Working // out. Constantly. This week I finally managed to do real dips and chinups, without assistance. Yay progress.

Planning // trips to see my favorite people.

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